This post originally appeared on my vintage neon signs website (See link at the bottom of this post). Little Anthony’s Diner neon sign is part of my Tucson’s Historic Theaters Wherigo (GC5QDCG ).

Vintage Neon Signs...and Why We Should Save Them

Little Anthony’s Diner, Tucson, AZ

After blogging together at the library for a while, a friend (Cactus Haiku blog) and I stopped at Little Anthony’s on the way home for a bite. Being a neon sign enthusiast, I was excited to see the neon above the front door!  While we were there we got a free mini-Sunday for answering a trivia question (my blogger friend let me use it) we listened to Elvis, Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin, who we heard from a waitress had just passed away that day.

I was tempted to have the Hunk-a-Hunk of Burnin’ Love burger (jalapenos on top!) or the Jailhouse Rock burger, but settled on the Wild Thing with grilled onions added. The thing was huge and the most delicious burger I have ever eaten.

I noticed there was a section of the menu called “Things Elvis Wouldn’t Eat!”

Neon menu.


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